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Benefits of Lavender Tea

Ease you into the year with our Lavender Tea

This fragrant, flavourful herbal tea is made with real lavender flowers and rooibos leaves. Brew yourself a cup and enjoy all the soothing qualities of lavender, and the antioxidant benefits of indigenous rooibos. This Lavender Hill tea is caffeine-free and helps to relieve stress, headaches and insomnia. The perfect natural cuppa to enjoy after dinner or before bedtime.

With its rich fragrance, it’s delicious taste, and its array of positive health benefits, lavender tea is loved by both casual tea-drinkers and by tea-drinkers looking to improve their health. Proven Health Benefits of Lavender Tea Lavender tea’s main use in health circles is as a sleep aid. Studies have tested lavender tea’s effectiveness as a sleep aid and have found that its scent works to slow down the nervous system. Slowing down the nervous system can have a relaxing effect and make it much easier for people to fall asleep. If you have a problem with insomnia, lavender tea might be the aid that you have been looking for. Because of its ability to slow down the nervous system, lavender tea can also be used to treat stress disorders. Many people with anxiety problems report that lavender tea can have a very strong calming effect.

Whether you have depression, anxiety, or just regular stress, lavender tea may be able to help. Make sure that you do not drink the tea too quickly when you are using it for stress relief. Take your time and take in the fragrance of the tea. Other Health Benefits of Lavender Tea In the world of homeopathic medicine, lavender tea has many more uses than just as a relaxing beverage. Practitioners of these homeopathic cures claim that lavender tea can be used to help many different ailments. One common ailment that many tea drinkers use lavender tea for is headaches. The tea’s taste and scent clears the head and alleviate pain. Lavender tea is also used for infectious diseases and bacterial infections. It is said to open up the airways and help alleviate breathing problems, which can be of great help when you have a cold. It also is said to clear the nose and cure coughs, as well as inducing sweating in order to break a fever. Another common traditional use for lavender tea is for digestive issue relief, including nervous stomach and indigestion Lavender tea and rooibos tea are wonderful for itchy skin. Place some in your bath or in your pet’s bath to reduce skin itchiness. Lavender Rooibos and Lavender Honeybush teas are available on, at our shops Waterfront market on the Wharf and Hout Bay Harbour Market as well as Faithful to nature, MzansiStore, GreenGoods and Honeycomb.

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