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September Spring specials

And after the cold winter comes Spring with its blooming flowers and buzzing bees - there's a little something in the air - a sense of happiness. To celebrate the coming of Spring, Lavender in Lavender Hill is offering you some scrumptious specials on our food range made of blossoming purple lavender flowers.

Lavender Biscuits Our scrumptious lavender biscuits are a perfect snack. Made from flour, castor sugar, butter and a hint of lavender, these biscuits are a tasty compliment to a cup of tea on a stressful day. Pack of 5 biscuits - WAS R 20 | NOW R 15 Pack of 10 biscuits - R 40 | Now R 35 Biscuits are baked to order with a minimum order of 50 biscuits. Contact to place your order.

Lavender Cooking Herb This culinary herb makes a delicious addition to savoury dishes and can be used to create unique home-made baked goods or desserts. This organic dried lavender cooking herb is free of artificial additives, preservatives, colours and flavours. This means you get all the delicate aroma and taste of real lavender without any hidden chemicals of calories. Sprinkle this fragrant lavender onto your favourite savoury dishes or use it to flavour jams and sauces, cakes and cookies, even ice cream! WAS R 45 | Now R 35 Contact to place your order.

Lavender Teas Our lavender rooibos and lavender honeybush teas are a tremendous treat for tea drinkers of all ages. This brew is a beautiful blend of lavender flowers and leaves with the traditional South African favourites: rooibos or honeybusy. Our teas are naturally caffeine-free and contains no artificial colours, flavours or additives. WAS R 80 | Now R 60 Contact to place your order.

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