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Janap bakes the lavender biscuits
Hope Soap ladies produce the lavender soaps
Cherylene at her lavender franchise
Girls & Boys Club Educations Session
Girls & Boys Club Educations Session

Social Aim


At Lavender in Lavender Hill our social aim is to support job creation and entrepreneurial empowerment in the Lavender Hill community and Cape Town areas. For this reason we mainly work with community and underprivileged producers, small enterprises, entrepreneurs and companies that support job creation and empowerment.


To assist the Lavender Hill community members we offer education sessions (on request) and donations of plants for personal or small enterprise use.


We also offer people from the community and surrounding Cape Town areas business opportunities to become Lavender Ambassadors. Such ambassadors become resellers of our products and are able to take their financial future into their own hands by being entrepreneurs. 

Product producers


At Lavender in Lavender Hill we pride ourselves in working as much as possible with producers from the community, underprivileged circumstances, small enterprises, entrepreneurs and job creation companies. This is because we are passionate about job creation and entrepreneurial empowerment. 


  • Shamila from the Lavender Hill community runs a small sewing company. She produces the sachets 

  • Janap from the Lavender Hill community does catering. She produces all the lavender biscuits from her kitchen

  • Veronica from the Lavender Hill community produces our lavender candles

  • Lillian from Mitchells plain runs a sewing business with her team of ladies. She produces the lavender eye masks and scented hearts

  • Sharon and her team of ladies from  Give Her Hope make our lavender soaps form the Jubilee Church premisis in Observatory

  • Our body products are produced by Tanya du Bois and her team, a small, family run enterprise.

  • Our cooking herbs, teas, oils and sachets are packaged by Ukama Packaging and the ladies of Vrygrond - an enterprse based on job creation and entrepreneurial empowerment. 

  • The lavender grown to produce our products are sourced from Ingred and her team - a small, family run farm in Somerset West 


Business Opportunity Creation


We give business opportunities to people who want to take their financial situation into their own hands. These people we call Lavender Ambassadors. They get to run their own business selling the Lavender in Lavender Hill products. 


  • Cherylene is a Lavender Ambassador and  runs markets selling Lavender in Lavender Hill goodies. She also used to run our Hout Bay and Waterfront Lavender in Lavender Hill stores which unfortunately have closed down due to rental costs being too high.


You can become a Lavender Ambassador like Cherylene. 


Education Sessions


At such events we do education sessions and hand out plants to individuals. People are taught about the uses of the lavender plant and how its herbal, natural qualities can help in their everyday lives (medicine, home, food etc). They are taught how to plant a plant, maintain it and how to cultivate many plants from one plant by taking cuttings. An information booklet is given to each attending community member for reference. These are held, on request, at the New World Foundation in Lavender Hill or schools in the community.  


The aims of our education sessions and the handing out of plants are to uplift the community members of Lavender Hill in the following ways:

  • Pride instillation: Plants give beauty - when your surrounding is beautiful you feel beautiful.

  • Responsibility creation: Learning responsibility by growing a plant and looking after a plant. In many rehabilitation centres across the world patients are encouraged to learn responsibility by caring for a plant.

  • Sensitivity instillation: In a community where men, woman, boys and girls are forced to become desensitised to survive, plants and the act of caring for them bring back gentleness and kindness into people’s lives.

  • Enterprise development and skills training: If people successfully look after their plants and cultivate them they can start their own little business of selling lavender plants or lavender products with the skills that have been taught to them.


Education Sessions Hosted


Education Sessions Hosted


People Educated


Plants Donated

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