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Lavender Confetti for Romance

Lavender has become a popular choice for wedding confetti. With today's large focus on staying green and keeping our earth healthy our brides-to-be and wedding planners are encouraged to lean towards confetti that is natural, smells lovely and is environmentally friendly. Throwing confetti is an age old tradition. It started many years ago with the throwing of seeds or grains but has turned into the throwing of almost anything - from paper to bubbles to releasing live birds and butterflies.

Unfortunately the beautiful paper, plastic and other synthetic items litter our earth. Using live animals can be extremely stressful and harmful to the animals. The responsible choice is a biodegradable material and we have a lovely lavender confetti for you.

Created from dried lavender heads your guests will be able to grab a handful of aromatic flowers to be tossed on the newly weds while the relaxing scent will fill the air. Lavender confetti has become increasingly popular with vintage or country themes. Lavender confetti can be ordered via We suggest 10g per person (one handful). We have two types of confetti - Lavender Heads and Lavender "Rice"

Lavender Rice 250g - R250 500g - R380 1kg - R650

Lavender Heads 250g - R330 500g - R445 1kg - R675

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