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Handmade Lavender Sachet - our newest favourite

Lavender is known for its calming properties and this beautiful little natural lavender sachet will soon have a busy, stressed mind feeling relaxed and restful again. Handmade locally by Shamielah from Lavender Hill, this sachet is filled with fragrant lavender flowers, leaves and even a dash of pure essential lavender oil. Being widely known for its relaxing properties, many overlook lavender's other healing gifts. This little sachet gives the gift of repelling moths and mosquitoes as well as inducing sleep. Place the sachet under your pillow for a sound night’s sleep, pop it in your car or bathroom to freshen the air or even keep one in your closet to keep moths away. A lavender sachet at your bedside helps to scare off mozzies too. It's a beautiful and practical gift, handcrafted with love. Lately these little sachets have become a favourite. What's really great about this is that Shamielah gets more work. The more sachets sold the more income she receives. Job creation and empowerment is the name of our game. Last month 1000 sachets were ordered by Rovos Rail. These little sachets were placed on beds before travelers went to sleep. Our Sachets have also become a favourite as corporate gifting options and are selling more and more at our partnering outlet Faithful to Nature. Order a sachet today for R35 by emailing

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