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Our lavender teas get a new look

We are excited to announce that our lavender honeybush and lavender rooibos teas are now available in their newly branded packaging.

These delicious natural brews blend the herbal flavour of lavender flowers with the sweetness of honeybush and rooibos leaves for an enchanting tea-drinking experience. Apart from being a delicious drink, the health benefits of lavender tea are vast. It's main healing qualities include reducing anxiety and stress, soothing insomnia and releaving headaches. It has shown to reduce acne, bloating, stomach discomforts, pain and even hair loss. It also acts as an antiseptic which can kill bad bacteria in your body. These are just some of the healing properties of drinking lavender. To compliment it, the rooibos and honeybush in our teas are packed with antioxidants that keep your body and heart healthy. Regardless of what ails you, the benefits of lavender tea will likely be able to help.

R65 per box for 20 tea bags | Certified Organic at Source

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