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Does Lavender Oil Work for Hair Growth?

One of the essential oils, lavender essential oil (LEO), is obtained by getting the oils out of various flower spikes found in the lavender plant. There are two distinct forms of this oil. They are lavender flower oil, which is a clear oil that is insoluble in water, and lavender spike oil, a distilled form of the plant called Lavandula latifolia.

Not a pure compound, lavender oil is a naturally occurring mixture of what are called phytochemicals. These chemicals are linalool and linalyl acetate.

There is a type of lavender oil called Kashmir Lavender which is actually made at the bottom of the Himalayas. Lavender is a rather hardy plant and can withstand many climates. This allows it to be grown in many regions of the earth. The world’s leading producer of actual lavender oil is Bulgaria.

In Latin, the lavender plant is actually called Lavare which literally translates to wash. They called it this because of the plant’s clean smell.

LEO is extracted from the blossoms of the lavender plant. It is used for many cosmetic purposes. It can be found in various colognes and aroma therapies along with shampoos and conditioners. The oil is often combined with other things to provide the most benefit from it. It is used in combination with things such as cedar wood oil, geranium oil, pine oil, and even nutmeg.

Lavender essential oil has many uses. It is therapeutic so it is used in many soothing fragrances and body oils as well as medicines. It can be used to help cure insomnia which will improve the quality of a person’s sleep.

The added benefit of sleep and soothing relaxation will also lower stress levels, anxiety, and depression. Lavender’s ability to cure these things will in turn improve hair growth because they are the leading causes of hair loss.

Using Lavender Oil for Your Hair

There is no need to purchase crazy, chemical laden hair loss solutions when the earth is providing the perfect products naturally. The essential oils all contain exceptional nutrients for the benefit of your hair and skin. LEO is one of the essential nutrients and is one of the important.

It is a great oil for generating hair growth and making hair healthy and full. It can be a solution to many people’s thinning hair problems. Even people with diseases such as alopecia can notice a gain of hair when using the oil. It is often added to various shampoos and conditioners by the companies to improve the product.

LEO can be beneficial to hair in a ton of different ways. It is good for everything from growing new hair to cleaning the hair you already have. It is even good for getting rid of nasty lice and nits. Many people are able to receive the benefits of lavender oil when they use it properly.

Hereditary baldness can be frustrating and frustration leads to even more hair falling out. LEO is a way to curb your frustration and start enjoying your hair growth. It is as simple as massaging the oil into your scalp. This should be done either prior to or during the act of showering.

It is not advised to leave the oil in without washing it out. When done on a regular basis, this lead to noticeable improvements on hair growth.

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