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Lovely Lavender Eye Masks handmade by Lillian

"When I think of community made products I am usually inclined to think that they are of a lesser quality. That is exactly the thought that we are changing at Lavender in Lavender Hill" - Marcelle du Plessis, Founder Lillian joined the Lavender in Lavender Hill production team at the start of 2016 and produces all our lovely lavender eye masks and scented hearts. Lillian, residing in Strandfontein, puts absolute love and care into every eye mask to make sure that you have a peaceful night's sleep. She hand picks the cotton material and includes essential lavender oil and flowers into each mask.

Apart from creating our eye masks and scented hearts, Lillian creates beautifully crafted, custom made garments, children's clothes and children's garment accessories. She really can whip together anything you need with her sewing machine and creativity. If you have not yet given our eye masks a try - give tired eyes a rest, soothe headaches and quiet a busy mind after a long and stressful day. This handmade eye mask has soothing therapeutic properties that help to banish headaches, eye strain, stress and even insomnia. Lie back, close your eyes and place this lovely lavender mask over your face to drift off into a peaceful sleep or use it at the end of a yoga session to leave your body and mind relaxed. Recently Lillian produced 370 masks for a corporate gifting order. 370 ladies received lovely masks for women's day. You can order Lillian's eye masks by emailing or visiting Eye Mask - R50 They are also available from Faithful to Nature, Newlands Pharmacy, Life Retreat and Lavender Produce

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