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Luxurious Lavender Candles

Handmade by the talented Veronica Kroukamp

"When I think of community made products I am usually inclined to think that they are of a lesser quality. That is exactly the thought that we are changing at Lavender in Lavender Hill" - Marcelle du Plessis, Founder

Veronica Kroukamp from the Lavender Hill community produces our Lavender in Lavender Hill candles. These lovely lavender candles are infused with essential lavender oil and lavender flowers. Veronica started producing for us in 2016. Her candles have been sold at various Christmas markets around Cape Town and are now stocked at Earthly Good Skin Care and available on Veronica has recently completed writing a book along with six other women from Lavender Hill called "Women Surviving Lavender Hill, stories of surviving abuse and violence".

Despite her own struggles this lady is an example to all of us. Not only does she produce beautiful candles but she teaches other ladies from the community to make candles. She also hosts free sewing lessons to provide skills to her community members. When not offering training she runs a small creche from her home where she looks after and feeds community children on a daily basis. This lady truly is an inspiration to her community and we love supporting her. Through purchasing her beautifully crafted candles we are supporting her and the changes she is making in her own community. You can order Veronica's candles by emailing Tub candle - R80.00 Medium candle - R70.00

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