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Daggaboer Farmstall - get Lavender in Lavender Hill products from the Eastern Cape

The story of Daggaboer Farmstall/Padstal, a stockist of the Lavender in Lavender Hill range

Daggaboer Farmstall opened doors in November 2006. The owner is Isobel Neethling.

The idea for a farmstall came about when Andrew & Sanria Jordaan, owners of the farm, invited Isobel to live on the farm.The huge main farm house, built in 1902, was standing empty as the Jordaan’s main farming activities are concentrated 75 km away.

Isobel had no experience in running a farmstall (coming from a music teaching and later on an insurance industry background). There was, however, a dream and a vision and many helping hands both physically and in the form of advice from friends and family.

The somewhat peculiar name of Daggaboer always draws attention and visitors often jokingly (we hope) ask for the ‘happy weed’. We then refer them tongue in the cheek to the sign at the front door, which reads: Dagga sold out at 06h00 – Business hours from: 08h00.

The Daggaboer name has several ‘legends’ as to its origin:

1. Apparently the Trollops who were British Settlers (the oldest grave on the farm dates back to 1856) were registered to cultivate dagga as a supplement for horse feed. Remember, in those days horses were the main form of transport and the dagga pips would provide extra stamina.

2. Two kilometres from the Farmstall the stone ruins of what was once Piet Retief’s farm lies on the right hand side travelling from Cradock to Port Elizabeth. Over the years after he left to join the Great Trek, a blacksmith, trading post, police station and even a small hotel was established on the site. This became the local farmer’s gathering spot and they used to greet each other with: “Dag ou Boer” and eventually it just rolled out as Daggaboer

3. Also the Khoi San name for game is Dagga and as the area is very rich in game (when you travel in this area please heed the Kudu warning signs!) and hence legend has it that this is the origin for the name Daggaboer.

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