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A new year to spread relaxation and lavender love

With a splendid festive season behind us we at Lavender in Lavender Hill look forward to bringing a year of lavender love and relaxation to you in 2017! As part of our social aim we host education sessions in the community of Lavender Hill, work with product suppliers from communities or small entrepreneurs and empower job creation. This year we hope to add more suppliers to our list and to create more beautiful lavender products for you to enjoy. We also look forward to hosting more education sessions with the children, ladies and gents of the Lavender Hill and surrounding communities.

Of course, we hope to increase our sales significantly too. Without having enough product sales we are not able to empower the ladies producing our products. For this reason we hope to add more Lavender Ambassadors to our team. If you wish to earn some extra income you can resell our Lavender in Lavender Hill products or become a distributor in your area. If you own a shop or a salon why not add our Lavender in Lavender Hill products to your store's range? The wider our products travel, the more empowerment we ensure and the more lavender relaxation we spread. We have some other exciting things ahead too... The first being the "hunt" for a new market or shop location in Cape Town to make the access to our lovely lavender products easy for you! We look forward to a wonderful lavender year with you From the Ladies who make up Lavender in Lavender Hill

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