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Lavender for culinary purposes

That’s right, you can use lavender in your cooking and baking too! It’s also a delicious addition to cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. Here are a few classic ways to utilize lavender in the kitchen:


Lavender is one of the trendiest cocktail ingredients – particularly as it lends a fragrant complexity to all manner of tipples.

Whether you are a fan of gin, vodka or Cognac, one of these lavender inspired drinks is sure to please your palate.

Lilac Lemonade

This pretty summer drink – using honey, lavender and lemons – is perfect for parties, baby showers and even weddings.

Lavender Sugar

Impart a subtle floral flavor to baked goods, teas, fresh fruit and more by adding fresh or dried lavender to plain sugar. It looks great when presented in a jar too – making it an ideal homemade gift for friends and family.

Lavender Syrup

A floral take on the simple syrup normally used in cocktails, lavender syrup simply involves mixing sugar, water and lavender to get a thick clear liquid that’s great when drizzled on poached or stewed fruits, on pancakes and waffles, on ice cream, in cocktails, or when whipped into cream.

Lavender Sea Salt

Don’t have a sweet tooth but want to use lavender in your kitchen? Try blending it with sea salt instead of sugar!

It can be used as a meat or vegetable rub, on potatoes, in baked bread, on savory crackers, as a salad seasoning, to add a salty rim to a cocktail glass, in salted caramel or chocolate desserts, on fresh fruit and more!

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