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Now stocked at Life Retreat

We are very excited to announce that Lavender in Lavender Hill products are now available on Life Retreat.

About Life Retreat

Take three dynamic women. Bonded through family, a mother, and her two daughters. They all share a passion for health, nutrition, well-being & natural living. Their strength is lies in combining their love of beauty, their vision of excellence, and their dedication to inspiring others. They strive to align themselves with products and people, who embody these same core values. Care for the environment, a love for South Africa, and living a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle.

Life Retreat is a platform which showcases fabulous products. Many of which, are designed by the L-E-L-C team, and manufactured accordingly. Other products have been chosen for their uniqueness, and brilliance. Consider Life Retreat your personal shopper, as everything has either been tested, or highly recommended. The online shop offers you the opportunity to purchase from the comfort of your home. All payment are made through Payfast, which makes payment perfectly safe. Orders, are delivered asap to our clients throughout SA.

Life Retreat is also a blog which reviews venues, events, experiences and products. All posts are shared on our social media platforms, including: Instagram, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Linked In & Twitter. Our motto is Live-Embrace-Love-Cherish. To get an inspiring daily update, please sign up to receive our posts. You are welcome to follow us on all of our social media, and to sign up for our inspiring fortnightly newsletter.

We encourage our readers to interact with us on our webpage. The competition page is a “Winner”, and our prizes are getting bigger and better all the time. We would love feedback on our articles, or on what you would like to read about. As well as, any other suggestions. The more interactive you are on the Blogs, and social media, the better equipped L-E-L-C is to keep up with your requirements.

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