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Extraordinary Healing Power of Lavender

In aromatherapy, Lavender is well known for its calming and soothing effect; less known is its health-giving properties as a culinary herb. Because of its ability to slow down the nervous system, drinking lavender tea helps with anxiety and can be used to treat stress disorders. Many people with anxiety problems report that lavender tea has a very strong calming effect.

So we’re delighted to be taking on this new range of teas and lavender herb from Lavender in Lavender Hill!

Cooks in Europe are familiar with using lavender as a culinary herb, using it to make lavender sugar, syrup and biscuits or adding it to meats as a replacement for rosemary. We’re keen to introduce this to South African cooks too! The Lavender & Honeybush and Lavender & Rooibos teas are unique and the only ones of their kind in South Africa.

We’re particularly happy taking on this range because we love local producers who go beyond just making a great natural product. In a community rife with gangs, drugs, crime and joblessness in Cape Town’s Lavender Hill, CEO Marcelle van Zyl saw the potential to create something good.

Lavender in Lavender Hill was started specifically to improve the quality of life of its community members through education and opportunity creation. In addition 15 % of net profits finds its way back to the community.

“This is healing of a higher order!”

A delicious way to stay calm.


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