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Invitation to "Peace Now" march


The New World Foundation and the Street and Court Committees are organising a march, PEACE NOW. This march is a protest against the violence and shootings that has plagued our community. Communities are saying “Enough is Enough!” on Human Rights Day, 21 March 2015. Everyone is welcome to join the march.

The march is a peaceful process of residents to march through Lavender Hill and Vrygrond to send a message through the community, that residents of Lavender Hill and Vrygrond are unhappy about the recent shootings and general violence in the communities caused by the gangs. It is an appeal to the gangs that live in these communities to stop their shootings and violence which is causing fear in the communities of people losing their lives due to being caught in the cross fire which has already happened. One of the results is that children cannot play freely outside.

Rose Arend from the Street and Court Committees said, “We, the community of Lavender Hill ask you, community leaders and community members and anyone interested, to please march with us against this abuse of our Human Rights: A Right to live in a peaceful society/environment, A Right for our kids to play in safety…run around in merriment…not fear, A Right to go to school and work come back with joy not anxiety of violence. We want back our lives, streets, schools and parks.”

It will be held on Human Rights Day, 21 March where the communities want to express that due to the violence and shootings, their human rights of living peacefully and without fear is being violated by the gangs and those who side with the gangs and cover up for them. “The community are at Zero Tolerance level, we want to exercise our Democratic right as live in Peace and Harmony”, Sheila Jacobs who is also from the Street and Court Committees.

Date: 21 March 2015

Time: Gathering 8.30am with the march to start 9am

Route: Through Lavender Hill and Vrygrond

Venue: Starting and finishing point New World Foundation, Lavender Hill

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