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The Gifts we Gave in 2014

As we swiftly move towards the end of yet another year, it is time to pause and look back over 2014 - its highs, lows, achievements and everything that was learnt. Life can be so busy and without putting time aside to assess the year that has passed it is so easy to stumble head first into yet another year without acknowledging achievements, praising people for their good work and setting goals for the new year ahead. Without a doubt, we had an exciting year at the Lavender in Lavender Hill social enterprise. To thank everyone of YOU that were involved, we would like to share our achievements of 2014 as well as our dreams for 2015.

Our success in 2014 - Products with a Social Cause

​Lavender in Lavender Hill products are high quality, health beneficial, all natural lavender body and food products. These special products were designed to have a social conscience while making you feel loved and pampered.

Products were created having the upliftment of the Lavender Hill community members in mind. This community is rife with gangs, drugs, crime and joblessness. 15% of our net profit is ploughed back into the Lavender Hill community through education sessions, business opportunity creation and the donation of plants for personal use or small enterprise creation. Many of our products are produced by the local Lavender Hill community members enabling job and opportunity creation. Best of all, they are not just any type of products, they are brilliant quality!


What a great year for education! Lavender in Lavender Hill performed 5 education sessions. 179 people were educated on how to use lavender in their homes for medicine, cooking and relaxation. They were also taught how to grow their own little lavender plants and how to make many plants from one plant. These they can grow to start their own little plant businesses or to create their own products. 184 plants were handed out.

Business Opportunity Creation

During 2014 we created business opportunities for 7 ladies.

  • Shamielah from the Lavender Hill community hand makes all sachets, eye masks and hearts.

  • Janap from the community bakes all lavender biscuits.

  • Sharon and her team of 3 more ladies produce the lavender hope soaps.

  • Cherylene owns two franchises of the Lavender in Lavender Hill stores - one at the Hout Bay Harbour Market and one at the Waterfront Market on the Wharf. I would like to thank the management of the Waterfront Market on the Wharf very much for their wonderful support by sponsoring the Lavender Hill shop stand. Your assistance is so much appreciated.

Expansion of Product Range

Our lavender product range now consists of 18 different products ranging from body products, home products and food products.

  • We launched the only tea bagged lavender honeybush and lavender rooibos tea in South Africa.

  • We extended our body range by including lavender room spray, hand body lotion, hand wash, body scrubs and foot lotion.

  • We extended our handmade range by including scented hearts, eye masks and hope soap.

Next year we are excited to be teaming up with a new retail distributions company. We are hoping that with the help of professionals in distribuiton we will be able to spread our lavender products more, create more business opportunities for people to create products and do more and more education sessions in the community of Lavender Hill. We also aim to focus more on corporate gifting.

From all the lavender ladies... Have a wonderful festive season...

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