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Teaching the kids from Lavender Hill about Lavender

On Friday the 30th of May the boys and girls of Lavender Hill were introduced to lavender . This was the third education session of 2014 presented by the Lavender in Lavender Hill social enterprise. Forty boys and girls gathered at the New World Foundation based in Lavender Hill to learn all about the lavender plant, its benefits and uses, how to grow a plant from a cutting and how to maintain a plant. Thereafter 12 plants were planted with the children at the New World Foundation. So far 90 people from the community have received educational training and 57 lavender plants have been handed out. We are spreading the lavender love! If you would like to increase the number of lavender flowers in Lavender Hill, donate a lavender plant at R50 to be handed out the the community of Lavender Hill at education sessions.

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